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You probably arrived here after a mouse click on "here" in a pop-up message box. The following gives details of the sessions for the Innter Kohn Necktion Railroad. You can print out the web page or copy and paste the relevant text to, say, Notepad and print out the instructions.

To return to the simulation, close this web page and then the pop-up box. Pressing Alt-Enter will return the simulation to full screen. The pop-up box can be accessed at any time by pressing the function "F1" key. You should pause the session before opening the pop-up box.

Alternatively, leave this web page open and in the Taskbar (in Windows, the bar along the bottom of the screen) and click on "Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019" to make Trainz the active screen. Then press Alt-Enter to make it full screen. This web page can then be accessed by the Windows key and selecting this web page in the Taskbar.

InnterKohnNecktion Map.jpg


Chuck & Joe Sessions

I suspect that most of you will be familiar with my style of sessions. For the uninitiated there ain't no pop-ups, no on-screen text messages, no hand-holding, no scoring.

You are Chuck & Joe, my premier crew. In most sessions you will have to undertake the roles of Locomotive Crew (driving the locomotive), Switchman (setting the switches), Yard Master (directing the Crew to the correct location for loading and unloading), and Load Master (loading and unloading the freight cars). In some sessions you may also be the MoW (Maintenance of Way) Foreman, the Barge Master (ensuring the freight cars are correctly loaded onto a Barge so that it does not capsize), and other tasks as required.

In Driver the Map View will be your friend. It shows the locations of the industries. Industries are indicated by Track Markers with the prefix IND. To see the Track Markers in Driver:
Press the M-key to bring up the Map View.
You can zoom using the mouse wheel or PageUp/Down.
You can re-centre the map with mouse right click, or pan with Ctrl-cursor keys.
To see the Track Markers, menu top left, ticks against Markers and Trackside Labels.
Other ticks are optional but may clutter the screen.
Press M to exit Map View.
If necessary, press the 2-key to take you back to the locomotive external view.

At most locations the loading and unloading of the freight cars will need to be performed by you, in the role of Load Master. Freight cars are loaded and unloaded by moving the mouse to the top left of the screen / Tools menu / Edit Trains. In the Rolling Stock fly-out, click on the Question Mark then on the freight car. Set the commodity values.

This video runs you through the loading / unloading process and how locomotives and freight cars can be removed and replaced:

In some sessions you may need to use the Rotary Dumper. This video runs you through one way of using this fearsome device:

"Help", the red/green arrows above the switches, if set to off. Ctrl-H toggles the arrows on/off.
The switchstands show the setting of the switch. Red = diverge setting.

It just remains to be said:
It is up to you to work out how to best do the allocated tasks.
You are encouraged to drive in Cab / Advanced Mode.
Sessions finish with words like "Sign off" or "Contact me when done" (which, of course you can't do unless you have my cell phone number, which I hope you don't).

Session 1 – Tank Cars

Chuck and Joe, Dispatcher here. Thanks for helping us out at short notice.
It is the tank cars for the afternoon shift.
Over on the ferry barge you will find six tank cars. The Ampol contains marine bunker fuel, the Caltex furnace fuel oil and the Shell diesel.
Spot and leave the bunker fuel, one each, at the Innter and Necktion Wharf Fuel Depot, the furnace oil at the Kohn Foundry Fuel Point and the diesel at the Kohn Fuel Depot.
Round up the five boxcars at the Kohn Foundry and Freight House and spot them on the Necktion ferry barge.
Contact me when done.
Dispatcher out.

Note: If you decide to haul all five loaded tank cars up the steep grade out of Innter, you may need to attack the grade with considerable determination and with sanding activated.

Session 2 – Flat Cars

Chuck and Joe. Dispatcher. An early start with the flat cars.
On the Steamship Wharf you will find two flat cars loaded with stock feed. Unload the feed up at the Stock Yards.
Use the two flats to haul 40ft logstacks from the Log Camp to the Kohn Sawmill. Unload the logs as directed by the Yard Master.
Reload the flats with lumber for delivery to the Eyekeyah Furniture Factory at Necktion.
Finally reload with crates (General Goods) of flat pack furniture and spot the flats on the ferry barge at Innter.
Sign off when finished.
Dispatcher out.

Session 3 – UP Steam Locomotive

Dispatcher here. Chuck, Joe, our only available locomotive is a UP steamer. You will need to water and coal it before departure.
Hitch up the box cars at the Freight House and run them down to the Necktion Freight House.
Return to the Kohn Foundry with the coal and ore hoppers on the ferry barge. Unload the hoppers at the Foundry.
Those four flat cars with crates of machine parts are for spotting on the Innter ferry barge.
Contact me when done.
Dispatcher out.

Note: The tender will load with water when spotted at the water tank. The water tank spout is animated. You will need to load coal manually. At the Foundry, coal will unload automatically. The ore will need manual unloading.

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