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Trainz Surveyor is the name given to the world and route building tools included in Trainz. Users have been building thousands of routes for over 20 years and what began with a simple set of 5 tabs expanded year upon year to provide more powerful tools to help the creation process.

N3V Games decided that appending more and more functionality was becoming impractical and that a new approach was required and a complete overhaul of the tools commenced.

The result of these efforts was Surveyor 2.0, which released in a Trainz Plus update on December 21, 2021. It is currently a Trainz Plus exclusive feature and will become part of a future retail version of Trainz.

Obviously for some Trainz users approaching 20 years of gaming with Surveyor "Classic", the revamped S20 user interface requires a substantial learning curve to use and explore. The familiar tools are available, but their arrangement and GUI display differs radically from the original Surveyor Classic interface. To aid users in getting started, N3V Games has provided an | S20 online guide.

The new S20 tools and workflow are designed for building large scale worlds with thousands of objects and we will be continuing development to add even more functionality throughout 2022 and beyond.

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