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QuickDrive Rule

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QuickDrive is a rule which adds a graphical user interface (GUI) in Driver to allow real-time editing of several game environment variables, and allow the player to place/remove trains.

This page relates to the configuration options for the QuickDrive rule(s) in Surveyor. For details on how to use the QuickDrive interface in Driver, see the QuickDrive help page.

QuickDrive requires two rules to be added to your session in order to operate correctly. Both of these rules are built-in to Trainz, and both are automatically added to newly created sessions.

ConsistDataHandler Rule

The ConsistDataHandler Rule is a helper rule for QuickDrive. It must be added to your session for the QuickDrive train placement functionality to work. Without it you will not be able to place new trains in the 3D Driver world. Other features of QuickDrive may also be disabled or not function.

The ConsistDataHandler rule has no configuration options, and thus needs no extra setup in Surveyor.

QuickDrive Rule

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The QuickDrive rule is the main required rule for QuickDrive functionality and provides all the user interface components of QuickDrive.

To configure the rule select it in the Surveyor rules list and click the Edit button. This will display the rule properties edit dialog, and allow you to configure some rule options. The exact available options may vary based on which version of Trainz you have, and which version of the rule is installed. Below are some of the options that may be available.

  1. Open when session is started
    If checked, the main QuickDrive window will be instantly visible when you start the session in Driver. This option is recommended, unless your session is heavily structured and allows little or no player configuration via QuickDrive.
  2. Default consist list
    This will set what the default 'Consist list' is when you open the QuickDrive session. A consist list is a list of trains/consists as defined in Surveyor or by the 'Global Consist Library'. The Global Consist Library is not available in all versions of Trainz, and is made obsolete by the use of consist assets (as created on the consist tab in Surveyor).
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