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This is a legacy material, and should only be used where compatibility with older versions of Trainz is required.



Glossy reflective material

Blends a reflection map onto a diffuse map. The blend between reflection and diffuse maps is controlled by the alpha channel of the diffuse map.


Mat gloss.jpg

Max Settings

Max material gloss.jpg

Max Settings in detail

  • Ambient - Ambient color R,G,B
  • Diffuse - Diffuse color R,G,B
  • Specular - Specular color R,G,B
  • Opacity - Level of transparency, 0 = transparent, 100 = opaque.
  • Glossiness - Should be set to 32 to match game.
  • Diffuse map - RGB = Diffuse color
  • Diffuse map - A = Reflection strength/mask. black = no reflection. White = full reflection.
  • Opacity map - (Legacy support.) If used, replaces the A channel of the diffuse map.
  • Reflection map - RGB = reflection color. Spherical mapping.
  • Reflection map - A = Alpha unused and should be omitted or left fully white to avoid compression artifacts.

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