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The Levels container is a top-level config.txt file entry used by Tracksound assets.

Supported Tags

The levels container has a series of numeric tags in strict ascending sequence, starting with zero. These correspond to the "idle n.wav" sound files in the asset. Each takes a decimal number, which is the maximum speed (in metres per second) that the wave file will be played at - beyond that, the next one up will be used.

Example levels container

levels {
        0         0.1
        1         5.0
        2         10.0
        3         20.0

This will not play a sound below 0.1m/s, play "idle 1.wav" between 0.1m/s and 5.0m/s, play "idle 2.wav" between 5.0m/s and 10.0m/s, play "idle 3.wav" between 10.0m/s, and play "idle 4.wav" above 20.0m/s.

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