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The iTrainz Chat interface is accessible through the Trainz Menu Bar. The iTrainz Chat menu icon shows the current online status and signals waiting messages.


The iTrainz Chat interface provides an in-game chatroom and private messaging service for Trainz Online users. This interface is available at all times and is not closed when the user transitions between the main menu and game modules such as Surveyor or Driver. The following core features are provided to users:

  • iTrainz Chat menu icon in the Trainz Menu Bar. The menu icon shows the user's online status, and provides notification of new messages or other online events. Clicking on the icon opens the friends list.
  • The friends list window (by default) shows any friends, as selected by the user. An interface is provided for adding new friends, and the current online status of the friends is shown. Clicking on a friend opens a chat window for that friend.
  • TBD: chatrooms
  • TBD: ignore list
  • TBD: context-sensitive friends list


The iTrainz Chat interface is implemented in script, using the script library to provide the underlying networked chat functionality over the iTrainz network.


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