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The information in this Wiki Page applies to TANE, TRS19 and Trainz Plus. It gives examples of how signals can be controlled using Session Rules.


DotPoint.JPG Signals can be controlled by Session Rules during the running of a Session.

The following applications give examples of using Session Rules to control signals.

Application 1: Fixed Signals

Binoculars.PNG The Scenario:

It is after hours and all the signal staff on a single track branch line have clocked off for the night. All approach and depart signals on the line are locked at PROCEED and safe working is now the responsibility of the train crew. The signals will not reset to STOP when passed by a train.

RulesWiki.PNG Rules Used:

Screenshot.PNG Session Editor Screenshot:


Explanation.PNG Description:

  • Line 1: Ordered List Not absolutely necessary but it places all the Set Signal Extended rules in a single container
    • Line 2: Set Signal Extended The first signal along the route is fixed at PROCEED
    • Line 3: Set Signal Extended The next signal along the route is fixed at PROCEED.

...and this is repeated for all the signals along the route.


When the Set Signal Extended Rule is opened for editing (shown left):-

Steps.PNG Steps:
  1. Select the signal name from the session list
  2. Select the signal state from the list of available states
  3. Click the Tick.PNG icon

Stop.PNG The state selected for the signal must be supported on that particular signal otherwise no change will occur.

Application 2: Halt Before Clear

Binoculars.PNG The Scenario:

A train approaching a signal must come to a complete stop before the signal is changed from STOP to PROCEED.

Conditions.PNG Preconditions:

  • Set Signal Extended Rule to initially set the signal to STOP.
  • This scenario uses the Directional Trigger from the DLS (<kuid:76656:70010> shown below) to make sure that only trains approaching the facing signal will trigger the rule. Trains travelling in the opposite direction will not trigger the rule.

RulesWiki.PNG Rules Used:

Screenshot.PNG Session Editor Screenshot:


Explanation.PNG Description:

  • Line 1: Directional Trigger Check set to trigger when a train approaches the signal from the facing direction.
    • Line 2: Wait on Train Stop/Start set to trigger when the train stops moving.
      • Line 3: Wait for 10 seconds.
        • Line 4: Set Signal Extended sets the signal to AUTOMATIC or PROCEED.

If the train passes the signal without stopping then the WikiLink.PNG Signal Passed at Danger Rule can be used to deal with the situation.


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