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The following instructions apply if you have Trainz Simulator 12, SP1 or higher installed:


Verify your MyTrainz (Planet Auran) Account

Your DLC content is linked to your MyTrainz (Planet Auran) username where your Trainz version is registered. To ensure you have the correct login details:

* TS12 - open the Trainz Launcher > Options > Planet Auran.
* TANE/TRS19 - - open the Trainz Launcher > Trainz Settings > Internet tab

Verify you have the correct Username entered (that matches your Trainzportal store ID) and that the message says "Planet Auran login succeeded".

Ensuring DLC is downloaded

For pre-TS12 DLC items a serial number is issued via the SimC store.

For TRS19, TANE or TS12 SP1 users, there is no need to enter a serial number. The DLC package appears in-game next time you start Trainz.

(The serial number is used for pre-SP1 users who can still download and install these items manually).

Redownloading DLC

TS12 Users - From the Main Menu (Main Screen) click on Get New Content.

At the bottom of that page, click on Redownload all purchases.

A dialogue will appear saying "Refreshing and downloading all content".

TANE/TRS19 Users - From the Launcher, click File > Download Purchased Items

Click Start Trainz and the Asset Download window will appear.

See also this article Help:In-game_Downloading

Locating Content

If you are looking for a Route, you will find this listed in the Route Menu list (ensure you don't have Favorites toggled off).

For loco packs, they all come with a preset "Consist". Open any route in Surveyor, select the Trainz tab, and then select "Consists" tab. Scroll down th elist to find your item.

Select and place that on your route, select the "Vehicles" option and then use the "get train" button to find each individual piece, to see how its named.

If you can't find it that way, try using the Help:Surveyor_Filters tool then opening the Train Tab. e.g. the Duchess is found under LMS Duchess, but by using the Filters and typing in Duchess, you will find your item in the Trainz tab.

  • TIP: Use Content Manager and Date Installed to find the items most recently installed.

Uninstalling DLC items

Currently uninstalling requires a manual process to locate the installed content. See Help:In-game_Downloading.



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