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An iPortal is a scenery object with track and is placed and linked into your Route in the same way an industry is. The two iPortal assets can be easily found in the scenery items list as they both start with “iPortal”. To function in the Driver Session, the iPortal needs to be configured. There are no rules needed, just open the properties window for an iPortal placed on your Route. To get the iPortal working, not only must your TANE installation be configured to work with your Planet Auran account, but the iPortal itself also has several parameters that need setting as well.


iPortal id

Unique ID name that this portal is to be identified by.

Send to user

Name of the remote TANE user that you wish to exchange train consists with. This setting isn’t needed if you are just transferring trains to other iPortals on your own Route.

Destination iPortal id

Unique ID name of the destination iPortal that this iPortal is to exchange trains with. This can either be remotely located on another user’s system or from your own Route.

Send Trains

Specifies whether trains are sent over the internet and exchanged with another user or just transferred locally to another iPortal.

Check for trains

Enable this option if you want the iPortal to wait for trains that another iPortal may send to it.

Driver mode after create

Determines how trains emitted from the iPortal will be controlled on your Route once they have exited the iPortal. Trains transferred through an iPortal will retain their vehicle loads so one potential fun activity is to operate your Route such that it requires an incoming loaded train from someone else through the ==iPortal== Don’t forget to use iTrainz Chat so you can communicate with your friend and arrange iPortal exchanges. iTrainz Chat will also let you know if your friend is online.

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