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For bridges in TRS 2010 and 2012 need to have "mesh-table" in the config file so as the middle (repeating section) of the bridge actually shows within the simulator. This will need to be added using Content Creator Plus to the config file. In the mesh-table you need to create a "default" value. This default value will the the main (repeating section) of the bridge. Also add an "auto-create" so as it is created automatically in the surveyor.

Attachment Points

This was copied from Forums for information on Attachment points for bridges The rotating circles you see in the game are added by the Trainz code at the end track attachment points.

In Gmax you must add two track (or road) attachment points. One at each end of the bridge (a curved bridge requires a lot more).

1. click on helpers

2. click on point

3. click on axis tripod 4. check the box for constant screen size and set the value to 6 or so.

5. in the top view add an attachment point to one end of the bridge and name it a.track0a and rotate it so the y axis is pointing away from the center of the bridge.

6. do the same at the other end of the bridge naming it a.track0b.

7. position and elevate both as necessary (height may need adjustment after you look at it in surveyor). A good place to start is about 1 ft below the surface of the pavement but this can vary.

8. add the track info to the config file.

9. depending on how you have made the bridge you will need to use either a visible road spline or an invisible road spline kuid in the config file.

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