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Both turntables and railroad grade crossings are “standard objects“ rather than “track objects” but they have spline points so that you can attach spline objects, such as roads or tracks, to them.

Basic road crossings

Place a rail crossing (objects "XING 1..." or "XING 2...") as you would do a normal object and then connect track segments to the track spline points. Next, connect road splines to the road spline points. The angle of the crossing is fixed for each XING object, so you will need to make a selection that best matches the situation on the map.

If you have laid the crossing correctly, when you load the map into Driver, road traffic will stop when your train runs through the crossing.

ATLS crossings

ATLS or Advanced Traffic Light System is a versatile track/roadway interaction system developed by trainz user Boat'z, updated through TRS2019 and described in detail at the website [[1]] for TRS2019 or [[2]] for the original version. Setting up a grade level crossing using the ATLS system is complicated and involves a number of separate parts, but detailed instructions are provided with the core object asset: ATLS Controller (TRS2019, and TrainzPLUS must use ATLS CONTROLLER TRS2019) by clicking on it with Edit properties 'P'.

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