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Bridges and tunnels work much the same way as for normal track but can be a little harder to lay due to the type of terrain involved. It is sometimes easier to make the bridges and tunnels on flat ground then move them into place.

Select the Track Type “Bridges” by clicking on the Track Type arrow keys, then scroll through the list of bridges until you find the bridge type you are looking for. To place the bridge, select the Add Track (A) tool and lay the bridge just like you do for laying track.

It is best to lay bridges between two hills although you can lay the bridge and then remove the terrain beneath it.

You can insert a spline point in the middle of the bridge using Insert Spline Point (I) and then Clicking on the bridge section to insert the new point.

Click on Move Track (M) and Click and drag the middle spline point. This allows you to bend the bridge. Don’t bend it too far or it will “break”.

When you depress the ground under the bridge, the bridge piers will reveal themselves.

To create a bridge that is level, you can use the Get Vertex Height tool.

Click on the spline point at one end of the bridge and you will notice the Height Value is entered into the Spline Height dialogue box.

Click on the Apply Height tool then click on the other two spline points. This applies the same height to each of those spline points.

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