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Forgive me for no knowing all the wiki etiquette, but I wanted to note that as of Feb 2021 the process for downloading previously purchased content does not match what's shown here.

There is no "Download Purchases" under the "File" menu, and if a user manages to find the "Download Purchases" by going into "My Collection" and clicking the little human bust in the upper right corner, clicking THAT does nothing at all.

You have to go to "Content Store" from the launcher, then filter for purchases, and even then you may find many items with no title, just a cryptic code (searching for what they were brought me here)

It's a bad user experience to repeatedly see "Do XYZ" and see the it simply doesn't exist, and this "authoritative" source really needs to be updated with the new information - especially since these are goods people paid money for and not DLS or third party freeware.

Why don't I do it? I don't know how, nor am I an authority on what to expect in all versions of this product. Further, as an extension of N3Vs *commerce* I really don't feel we users should *have* to.

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