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The third mode in the Track Menu is Trackmark Mode. Trackmark mode is used for the management of Trackmarks and Triggers. These are used to assist in setting up the rules for a session, which allows you to design operations for your route. Click LMB on the Trackmark Mode (V) to change the Track Tab menu to the Trackmark Mode menu.


TRS19 Object add.jpg Add Trackmark

To add a Trackmark, Click LMB on the Add Trackmark (A) button. Click LMB at a point on the track. A trackmark will be placed on the track and will be “attached” to it. So if you move the track it will move with it.

TRS19 Object move.jpg Move Trackmark

Click LMB on Move Trackmark (M). Then Click LMB+H on a Trackmark Object on your track. Drag your mouse along the track to move the object to a different position.

TRS19 TSide Rotate.jpg Rotate Trackmark

Select Rotate Trackmark (R) and the default direction of the Trackmark is reversed.

TRS19 object get.jpg Get Trackmark

Click on the Get Trackmark (G) tool and then Click LMB on a trackmark already placed at the track. That trackmark now appears in the selection window. Change the mode to Add Object (A) and Click LMB again at another point on the track where you wish to place another copy of the trackmark.

TRS19 object delete.jpg Delte Trackmark

Select Delete Trackmark (D) then Click LMB on a trackmark to delete it.

TRS19 Edit properties.jpg Define Name

To name your trackmarks so that you can find them again later on and use them in rules, Click LMB on Define Name (N). Then click on the trackmark and a dialogue box comes up where you can name the trackmark.


Advanced Trigger Management Tools The advanced settings of the Trackmark tools menu are used to set the radius of triggers. The radius defines the scope of the trigger and is explained in the previous section.

Trigger radius get.jpg Get Radius

Click on the Get Radius tool and then Click LMB on a trigger. The trigger’s radius will now be in the text field adjacent to the button. The triggers have a default radius of 20 meters so this may not appear to have changed.

Trigger radius set.jpg Apply Radius

Click on Apply Radius then Click LMB on a trigger to apply the value in the radius field to that trigger.

Trigger radius adjust.jpg Edit Radius

Click on Edit Radius then Click LMB on a trigger and drag the mouse with the LMB still being held down to change the trigger radius. There is no visual indication of the radius as you drag it however. Use Get Radius to find out the new radius of that trigger.

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