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Click LMB on the Advanced button(Shift F4) to drop down the Advanced Track Menu.


TRS19 Spline height.jpg Spline Height

Click LMB the Adjust Spline Height (H) and Click LMB and hold on a track spline point. Drag your mouse forward and back to raise and lower the spline point.

TRS19 Spline point delete.jpg Delete Spline Point

Click LMB on the Delete Spline Point (X) and Click LMB on a track spline point . When a spline is removed the curvature of a track can be affected.

TRS19 Spline point insert.jpg Insert Spline Point

Click on Insert Spline Point (I) to add a new spline point.

TRS19 Spline smooth.jpg Smooth Spline

Smooth Spline (S) levels the track between two spline points, bringing the land up or down to match the leveled track.

TRS19 Gradient get.jpg Get Gradient

Click Get Gradient (J) and Click LMB on a raised track section between two track spline points. The gradient between those points is shown in the Gradient Value box as a percentage slope.

TRS19 Gradient apply.jpg Apply Gradient

Enter a new gradient value in the Gradient Value text box, then click on Apply Gradient (K).

TRS19 Track Condition get.jpg Get Track Condition

Click the Get Track Condition button, then Click LMB on a section of track to get the current Track Condition.

TRS19 Track Condition value.jpg Track Condition Value

Shows the Track Condition obtained from the Get Track Condition button. You can manually enter a Track Condition value (between 0 and 1), and then use the Apply Track Condition tool to apply the Track Condition to the track splines.

TRS19 Track Condition apply.jpg Track Condition Apply

Applies the track condition shown in the Track Condition Value box.

See Track Condition for further information.

TRS19 Gradient remove.jpg Remove Gradient

Click LMB on remove Gradient and then Click on a track section to remove the gradient between two track points.

TRS19 vertex height get.jpg Get Vertex Height

Click LMB on the Get Vertex Height and Click LMB on the highest spline point on your track. The height is displayed in the Height Value box.

TRS19 vertex height apply.jpg Apply Vertex Height

Click on Apply Vertex Height then Click LMB on another spline point. The spline point is raised to the same height as you first vertex.

TRS19 curve radius get.jpg Show Curve Radius

Click on Show Curve Radius then move your mouse along a track segment. The curve radius is shown next to your mouse cursor. The number is the radius measured in meters so a low number means a tight curve and a high number means a straighter track.

TRS19 Track Vertex Properties.jpg Track Vertex Properties

The Track Vertex Properties allows you to access the properties for each track vertex (spline point). To use this tool, select the Track Vertex Properties tool, then click on a Track Vertex (Spline Point).

Currently, the Track Vertex Properties are used to configure the Superelevation of track on curves.

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