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Trs2019-topology-tab-height-up.jpg Topology Height Up

Use this tool to create mounds, hills and mountains.

Click on the Height Up tool icon to change to Height Up mode. Move your cursor from the tool tab onto the 3D world and you will see a "circle of influence". Left click and drag your mouse around the 3D world to raise the terrain.

Use Radius and Sensitivity to adjust the size and sensitivity of this tool. To adjust your view of the world as you mould the terrain, right-click on the terrain to move your camera focal point and use your cursor arrow keys to move the camera. Use Undo if you don't like the results you see.

TRS2019 Effects Layers (Clutter and TurfFX)

When clutter effect is selected, the Height Up mode will paint the effect onto the terrain; with density growing the more it is 'painted' on.

See Effect Layers for further information on creating, using, and editing Effect Layers.

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