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Object get.jpg Get Object


Click on the Get Object (G) tool and then Click LMB on an object already placed on the terrain. The object selected now appears in the selection window. Change the mode to Add Object (A) and Click LMB again on the terrain where you wish to place another copy of the newly selected object.


Select the Get Spline (G) tool and then click LMB on a spline object already placed on the terrain. That spline object will become the selected object in the objects list, and the Add Spline (A) tool will become the active tool.

Get to Pick List

To access the Get to Pick List function, Right Click on the Get button, and the icon will then change to the Get to Pick List button. Now Left Click this button to select the Get to Pick List tool.

The Get to Picklist tool allows you to 'get' any object on a route, and then add it to a Pick List. The picklist that the item is added to is the current picklist in the Content Search Filter window: be sure that the correct picklist is the current picklist before selecting the spline object with the Get to Picklist Tool.

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