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Object add.jpg Add Object


Check that you are in Add Object mode, or Click LMB on Add Object (A) to select this mode. Click LMB on the terrain and the selected object is placed wherever you click.


Select the Add Spline (A) tool and then click LMB on the terrain to anchor the first spline point. Click LMB again some distance away to place the second spline point. The spline will be drawn from the first point to the second, and white circles will display at each of the spline points. These spline points are used to configure the spline path, adjust the height, or define a section of spline for operations such as setting a gradient or setting the ground height.

To extend the spline further, click LMB on the last spline point, then Click LMB once more nearby to extend the spline. To place multiple spline points hold down the Ctrl key while placing each point. Release the Ctrl key before placing the final spline point to complete the spline. Additional sections can be added to an existing spline at any time.

If the new spline point (including an end point) is placed close to any part of an existing compatible spline the new point will form a junction with the existing spline. If this is not what is required, press and hold the Shift key before releasing the LMB.

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