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Tools tab allows you to place Rulers and Cameras on the route, as well as control some editing options.



Ruler Management Tools

The ruler tool is used to measure track lengths, radius when laying curves, even the size of your basement or garage.

Add ruler.jpg Add Ruler

To add a ruler, Click LMB on Add Ruler (R), then Click LMB at your chosen point in your terrain and drag the mouse to the other end point for the ruler and release the mouse button. The ruler stretches out just like you experienced with spline objects. To change the scale of the ruler, go into the Surveyor Main Menu and choose Edit Route. Change the units to real Scale, HO, OO or whatever scale you prefer. You can also choose between Metric and Imperial.

Move ruler.jpg Move Ruler

To move the ruler, Click LMB on Move Ruler (T) and then Click LMB+H on either end of a ruler and then drag it to move that end of the ruler.

Delete ruler.jpg Delete Ruler

Use Delete Ruler (Y) to delete the ruler. Leaving many rulers on the board may slow down the game.

Camera Management Tools

You can place static cameras, which focus on a section of track until the whole train passes by, or lineside (tracking) cameras, which pan across following the train movement. To select which camera to work with, click on either of the arrows in the middle of the tool list to switch between Static and Tracking camera mode.

Place camera.jpg Place Camera

Before placing a camera, maneuver your normal viewpoint as close as possible to where you want to place the camera. Click on Place Camera (A), then Click LMB exactly where your Compass meets the ground. This places the camera in 3D space, and puts you automatically into Move Camera (M) mode. A Green box and a flashing green light appear.

Move camera.jpg Move Camera

Use your zoom keys, and cursor keys to position the camera exactly as you want it to see in Driver, then Click LMB again to lock the camera in place. A red camera means it is a static camera, and green is a tracking camera.

Delete camera.jpg Delete Camera

To delete an unwanted camera, select Delete Camera (D) and Click LMB on a 3D camera object.

Copying and Pasting Tools

Another very useful tool is the copy and paste function.

Select area.jpg Select Area

Click LMB on Select Area (B) and Click LMB and drag to create a rectangle around the area you wish to copy. The white box shows the area that will be copied. Click LMB on Cancel Selection (X) to cancel the selection.

Paste mode.jpg Paste mode

Click LMB on Paste Mode (P) and Click RMB to navigate around your terrain to the new location. Click LMB where you want the selection copied.

Paste rotation.jpg Paste Rotation

You can also rotate your selection using the Paste Rotation dial (“[“ or “]”).

Paste height.jpg/Paste textures.jpg/Paste object.jpg/Paste tracks.jpg Paste Height, Textures, Objects or Track

You can control what is and is not copied and pasted. You can copy height, textures, objects or any combination by selecting and deselecting the appropriate icons. These are “toggle” switches. Whilst in Paste Mode, click on Paste Height, Paste Textures or Paste Objects to include or exclude those elements from your paste function. The buttons will remain highlighted in bright green if toggled “on”.

Misc tools height type.jpg Replace/Add

You can paste either by replacing existing objects/textures/heights in the pasted area or by adding to the existing objects/textures/heights in the pasted area. Use S to replace or L to add, or click LMB on the respective icon to select the option before doing the paste. The default paste mode is replace.

Misc tools area get.jpg Area Get to Picklist

LMB on this tool to add all objects within the area that has been selected with the Select area (B) button to the current picklist. This tool is disabled if there is no area selected.

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