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Content Manager provides several tools for searching, organizing, and sorting the content in Trainz.


Content Filters

The Content Filters system in Content Manager provides a very powerful system to search for content that is installed, or available from the Download Station.


The Filters Tool

To open the Filters tool, click on the grey 'arrow' icon to the right of 'Filter:'.

Changing the Filter

By default, the filter shown will be 'Installed = True'. To change this, click on the left hand drop down box and select the filter you would like.

To change the setting or option for the filter, either enter the desired text into the right hand box, or select the desired option from the right hand drop down box. Different filters will use either a text input, or a drop down box, depending on the type of filter.

Adding a New Filter

To add a new filter, click on the '+' button at the right hand end of the filters list.

Removing a Filter

To remove a filter from the filters list, click on the '-' button at the right hand end of the filters list.

Predefined Filters

Content Manager includes several Predefined Filters. To select one, click on the drop down box to the right of "Filters:" and then click on the filter you would like.

Saving a new Predefined Filter

If you have create a custom set of filters that you would like to set as a Predefined Filter, click on the Save button to the right of the Predefined Filters drop down box. You will then need to name, then save, the Predefined Filer.

The Search Box


At the right hand side of the Content Manager screen is the Search box. This allows you to enter a Keyword search into Content Manager to search/filter the current Asset List.

Remember your search applies only to the currently filtered selection.

TIP: To find a specific item, you must enter the full KUID e.g. <KUID:123:4444> or <KUID2:123:4444:3>

The Asset List


The Asset list is the main portion of the Content Manager screen, and lists the content that meets the current filter set.

Customising Columns

The Asset List is separated into several columns which show details for each asset.


By clicking on the header of each column, you can sort the order of the column (ie by clicking on the 'Upload Date' column, you can sort the assets by the date they were uploaded).


To add columns, right click on any of the column headers, then go to "Insert Column", then click on the column you wish to insert.


To remove columns, right click on the header of the column you wish to remove, then click on 'Remove Column'.


You can adjust the width of each column by clicking on the dividing line between column headers, and then dragging to the width you require.


You can move columns by clicking and dragging the column header.

Selecting Items

Use the standard Windows options such as:

  • Ctrl-A = Select All
  • Shift-Click = Select a contiguous group
  • Ctrl-Click (and hold) = Select multiple individual items
  • Ctrl-C = Copy
  • Ctrl-V = Paste

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