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This rule shows or hides a HUD panel displaying additional information about the selected train. Once started this rule completes immediately without running any child rules.

Custom hud.jpg

The information displayed by the Custom HUD is as follows:

Next Limit

Next posted speed limit (if any) and distance to it.

Next Signal

Aspect at next signal (approximated to red, yellow or green) and distance to it.


Tracks the mileage for each locomotive on an individual basis. Displays the figure for the locomotive targeted by the camera.

Trip Meter

Functions identically to the odometer but is reset when the player presses the [T] key.


Expressed as a percentage and displaying the figure for the locomotive targeted by the camera. For a downward slope, a negative value is displayed. Gradient is calculated for locomotives only.

Custom hud sliders.jpg

When Realistic Mode is selected by the player as control method, an additional panel is displayed containing a set of on screen sliders for locomotive control. This panel is automatically hidden in Easy Mode.

Custom Variables

If the session design makes use of custom variables, the Custom HUD can display two of these variables using the Variable Show Rule. For information on how to define and modify custom session variables, see the Variable Modify Rule page.

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