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Unified Driver Surveyor (UDS) replaces the concept of "Quickdrive" and greatly expands upon the capabilities previously provided. In short, the system allows you to switch back and forward between Driver Mode and Editor (Surveyor) Mode instantly. When you switch mode, the User Interface changes and functionality changes accordingly.

Switching mode does not pause the game, so the biggest difference you will see is that your trains are still moving in Surveyor. Pause is only available in Driver so if you wish to stop trains, industry processes etc, then hit 'P' for Pause prior to switching to Surveyor, then hit P again after switching back to Driver to recommence "live action".


Change Modes

When in Driver, select Tools > Select Surveyor Mode to change to Editing Mode. The User Interface will change to the traditional Surveyor tool tabs and the new Surveyor Menubar options along the top. (A warning will appear the first time, and this can be hidden for future mode switches).

You will also notice that items that show only in Surveyor will now be visible, such as trackmarks, spline points, direction arrows on trains etc.

When in Surveyor, select Tools > Deselect Surveyor Mode to change to Driver Mode. The User Interface will change to the traditional Driver Mode.

Changes to existing behaviours

  • The Quickdrive option in View Session is replaced by "Create Session". This gives you access to all the Surveyor Tools prior to commencing your driving/operating session.
  • The Quickdrive option in Surveyor (Ctrl-F2) is now mapped to the Surveyor Mode toggle which allows you to swap instantly from Driver to Surveyor and back again without any loading screen or delay.

Saving Games, Sessions and Routes


Resetting Rules

Rules are used to "program" what happens within a session. For example, a Cinematic Camera Rule will define which item the camera is attached to and the path and speed the camera will take when the rule is triggered.

In UDS, Rules can now be reset to their original state, so that the Rule can be re-run if required.

For example, if you've already hit a trigger required in a Trigger Check rule (and it shows as complete), but you adjust the session and now need to hit that trigger again, then you can manually reset the Trigger Check rule (in Edit Session) to make it active again.

Using Undo


Practical examples:

Adding or Replacing Rolling Stock

Switch to Surveyor mode, open the Trains Tab, select a loco or rolling stock and place on the track (or open the Consist tab to create or place a whole train).

NOTE: Beware of trains in motion (we do not recommend editing moving trains).

Adding or Replacing Track


Adding or Replacing Trackside Objects


Adding or Replacing Scenery Objects or Splines

Driving along and notice something missing or out of place? Switch to Surveyor, add, move or replace the item(s) then switch back to Driver mode.

Changing/Editing Environment Settings


Changing/Editing Session Rules


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