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Trainz Plus is a quarterly update provided to active Gold Class members. Each quarter we will be providing new features as well as access to certain upcoming features to gather feedback. Many of these features (or probably most of them) will end up being included in a future version of Trainz.


Trainz Plus Update 1 - Q1, 2019

Our first Trainz Plus update includes:

  • a range of new camera options for both Driver and Surveyor
  • a new menubar in Surveyor
  • a new Session Logging window

We’re also including the following in-development systems:

  • Console Controller support (Windows only)
  • Trainz Package uploader (for Content Creator in-game submissions)


We’ve redesigned the Trainz Camera System to unify the controls (and code) between Driver and Surveyor, and also expanded the functionality with several new camera modes.

The Camera Menu from Driver has been expanded and is now also available in Surveyor, providing similar functionality in both modules. The options are:

  • Cab
  • Chase
  • Lineside
  • Roaming
  • Car
  • Walk
  • Fly
  • Drone
  • Map

Camera swaps include a new “smoothed transition” where possible, avoiding sudden snaps from location to location. This includes a new new zoom option when focused on your loco. You can now smoothly zoom in from Chase mode to Cab mode and vice versa. You need to apply sufficient mousewheel “pressure” to move through the walls. i.e . scrolling slowly will not change your view, while scrolling faster will do so.

We’re also working on pre-loading of objects when the camera changes to make those transitions less jarring (not yet complete).

For help using each of the camera modes, see Help: Driver Menu Camera

Surveyor Menubar

Trainz Plus introduces a new Menubar in Surveyor. This provides greater consistency across the modules and provides easy access for the new Camera Modes.

2019-03-12 130416.png

System Menu

For details visit Help:TRS19_Main_Menu

Edit Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuEdit

Tools Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuTools

Display Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuDisplay

Camera Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuCamera

Social Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuSocial

Window Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuWindow

Help Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuHelp Help for each of the new menu options is provided using the ingame '?' help tool.

Other Tweaks, Tips & Changes

Surveyor Menu changes mean the items have moved around into more logical groupings:

  • Quickdrive icon has moved one to the right under "Tools Menu"
  • Edit Sessions icon moved one left under "Edit Menu"
  • Edit Route, Environment and Effect Layers all appear under "Edit Menu"
  • Filter icon (Search, Picklists and bookmarks) now found under Display Menu > Show Search Filter
  • Toggle Wireframe now under "Display Menu"
  • Undo/Redo are found under Edit Menu
  • A range of tools have moved from Main Menu to "Tools Menu"

Other tweaks include:

  • Mouseover Help Tooltips moved from driving controls to info labels

In-Development Features

  • Console Controller Support (Trainz Settings > Enable Game Controller Support)
  • TCCP Uploader (First part of updates to assist content creators in automating the processing of DLC items)

Trainz Plus Update 2 - Q2, 2019

This Trainz Plus update focuses on the "Unified Driver Surveyor" feature.

Unified Driver Surveyor (UDS) replaces the concept of "Quickdrive" and greatly expands upon the capabilities previously provided. In short, the system allows you to switch back and forward between Driver Mode and Editor (Surveyor) Mode instantly. When you switch mode, the User Interface changes and functionality changes accordingly.

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