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The page contains information specific to the TS2010 Multiplayer Beta, for information about multiplayer in general please see the Trainz Multiplayer page.


TS2010 Multiplayer Public Beta

Welcome to the Trainz Multiplayer Public Beta. The development team at N3V and our beta testers have spent much of the last year ensuring that we can provide the very best multiplayer experience possible for the Trainz community. This public beta is the final step in that long journey, where we make the beta software available to the community for final testing and feedback.

There are two important points to keep in mind when using the Public Beta. Firstly, it's a beta- while we've worked hard to ensure that your first experience is a good one, there are sure to be a few rough edges. If you're looking for a final, polished, product then it might be best to wait for a little longer. Secondly, while we're undertaking the beta in order to get public feedback, please keep in mind that we won't have the opportunity to follow up on every request before the official release. We consider Trainz Multiplayer to be an ongoing process rather than a final destination- feedback that is given during the Public Beta will be used to help shape the ongoing direction of Trainz Multiplayer after it is released.

Things to Know Before Installing

The TS2010 Multiplayer Public Beta is available as a manual patch from TS2010 SP3 (build 44088.) If you don't have that exact Trainz build installed, you will not be able to install the Public Beta. This is the latest available build of TS2010, so make sure that you've installed all of the TS2010 patches first.

Installing the Public Beta patch will modify your existing TS2010 build to support Trainz Multiplayer. This process adds a number of features, but also removes a few legacy features. Do not install the Public Beta patch if you wish to continue using these features. The removed features are as follows:

  • The Scenario menu, and support for operating scenarios.
  • "Compatibility" mode.

Trainz Multiplayer requires an internet connection. We've had reasonable success with dial-up, although a broadband connection will offer a better experience.

Access to the Trainz Multiplayer Public Beta requires that your Planet Auran account has a registered TS2010 CD KEY. If you have not registered your key with Planet Auran you can do so here: https://www.auran.com/planetauran/SN_Enter_Serialnumber.php

Finally, Trainz Multiplayer requires that any content used in a Multiplayer Session is available on your computer in unmodified form. If you've modified the content, Trainz will automatically revert your modifications and (where necessary) download the latest version from the Auran Download Station. Don't worry- Trainz will always ask before modifying content, and will move the modified files into a "backups" folder in the Trainz program folder in case you need to get them back later.

Available Multiplayer Sessions

Built-in Multiplayer Sessions

  • Port Ogden & Northern
  • Harbor Master

Third-party Multiplayer Sessions

If you have created a worthwhile multiplayer session for TS12, feel free to add the details here.

  • TBD

Compatible Builds

Where possible N3V Games is committed to maximizing the size of the Trainz multiplayer community. As such certain multiplayer builds are compatible with one another. These builds are as follows:

  • 46170 & 49938

To find out which build you have open the Trainz Launcher and observe the build number in the bottom right corner. Any builds not listed above are only compatible with installations that share the same build number. A complete listing of build numbers along with details about where each was released can be found on the Trainz build versions page.

Installing the Public Beta

Before installing the Trainz Multiplayer Public Beta, we strongly recommend that you perform a complete backup of your entire TS2010 program folder (including any downloaded or home-built content.) This will allow you to restore to the regular TS2010 version if you have any serious problems during the course of the Public Beta.

The Public Beta patch can be downloaded at the following location:

After downloading, you should start the patch executable, select your TS2010 program folder if necessary, and start patching. Patching may take a long time. It is normal for the patch progress bar to stop moving for long periods. Do not interrupt the patch process. A text log is displayed detailing the patch progress. It is normal and expected for this log to include warnings regarding differences in the asset database. It is normal for this log to include a database repair summary such as "(1 Errors, 0 Warnings)", and this does not indicate a problem with the patch. Once the patch has completed successfully, start Trainz as normal.

More information about Train Multiplayer in general can be found on the Trainz Multiplayer page.

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