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The page contains information specific to multiplayer in TS12, for information about multiplayer in general please see the Trainz Multiplayer page.


Compatible Builds

Where possible N3V Games is comitted to maximizing the size of the Trainz multiplayer community. As such several builds of TS12 are compatible with one another. These builds are as follows:

  • 47059 & 47103
  • 47452 & 47772
  • 48249 & 49922

To find out which build of TS12 you have open the Trainz Launcher and observe the build number in the bottom right corner. Any builds not listed above are only compatible with installations that share the same build number. A complete listing of build numbers along with details about where each was released can be found on the Trainz build versions page.

Available Multiplayer Sessions

Built-in Multiplayer Sessions

  • "Debrecen - Nyiregyhaza" - "Multiplayer Session"

Third-party Multiplayer Sessions

If you have created a worthwhile multiplayer session for TS12, feel free to add the details here.

  • TBD
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