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TrainzOnline General Reference



As Engineer, immerse yourself in a totally interactive, realistic world. Choose from high-speed passenger runs, shunting cars in a busy industrial yard, or carefully navigating a 200 ton logging train down a steep mountain range.

As Yardmaster, manage your Drivers as they carry out their daily tasks. Ensure your trains are in the right place at the right time to keep pace with supply and demand of the interactive industries.

As Route Builder, create your own stunning routes and worlds. As Operations Manager, set industry production levels, commodity requirements and create multiple task lists for your Drivers in a few simple steps

New Features since UTC

Interactive Industries

  • Industry resource model with goods and resources are produced and consumed
  • Adjustable industry output rates and capacity
  • Industries that automatically generate waybills when goods and resources are required
  • Animated loading and unloading
  • Cars get heavier when loaded
  • Set limits on which cars can pick up which goods

AI Drivers

  • Allocate drivers and give them orders to load, unload, decouple etc
  • Queue orders and repeat
  • Name your drivers and even customize their photographs
  • Run multiple trains simultaneously with AI trains path-finding their way to destinations

Create your own Activities

  • Rules system brings the power of scripting to the average user
  • Add new rules to expand functionality
  • Create Html web pages to introduce your driver sessions to others
  • Create and save different driver sessions for each route with different locos, start times and industry parameters
  • Hotkey to jump straight from Surveyor to Driver
  • Driver Sessions can be exported with your route

Integration of locos and rolling stock into Surveyor

  • Place locos and rolling stock in Surveyor
  • Name and save favorite consists for quick placement
  • Test overpass heights and signals, track lengths and more
  • Favorites listing from Railyard (My Collection) carried over to Surveyor


  • Steam engines fully supported including real world physics
  • Scripted Signaling for advanced functionality
  • Semaphore Signals introduced

Other features

  • Multiple save game slots
  • Free roaming camera in Driver
  • Per axle track sounds
  • Synchronized steam engine sounds
  • Long horn blasts
  • New adjustable water system (color, wave height, reflection)
  • Gamma slider to adjust game brightness
  • New Trainz Helper downloading utility finds and installs all dependent items

New improvements

  • Improved graphics such as bump mapping and specular highlights
  • Improved headlights
  • Overall lighting model improved
  • Improved particle effects
  • Performance on like-for-like routes improved by 10-50% (depending on your system)
  • 2D Map View - labels, switches and signals easier to see
  • Online systems improved for searching and uploading
  • Content Dispatcher allows which version to install into for custom content
  • AI stops closer to red lights
  • Wider field of view in cab

Routes Included

  • Banks Heath
  • British Midlands
  • British Midlands 2
  • City and Country USA
  • City and Country USA 2
  • Electric Commuter
  • Glasgow to Falkirk
  • Highland Valley
  • Highland Valley Industries
  • Industrial Wasteland
  • Outback Australia
  • Outback Australia 2
  • Queensland
  • Robe River Iron
  • Rosworth Vale SP2
  • The Black Forest
  • Tidewater Point Rail
  • Wadalbavale to Karrah Bay
  • Winter in the Alps
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