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An Interlocking Tower (aka Signal Tower) is an in game object which automatically configures junctions, signals and level crossings to allow trains to drive a path from one location to another. Interlocking Towers are a type of scripted scenery object, meaning they are placable/movable/etc in the game world, and can be edited using the "Edit Properties" tool. Below is a a basic tutorial or how to guide, which should give you a nice introduction on how to configure the properties for a tower, and how to define a basic tower path.


Route Creation

Before we begin this tutorial we'll need a suitable route to work with. You can either follow the directions below to create one, or download and install the attached CDP file.

If you don't want to download the attachment, create a new route and lay some track. The actual track configuration doesn't matter but be sure to add some junctions and multiple entry/exit points so that you can create some interesting paths. The screenshot on the right shows a suitable example layout, with a dual main line, a branch line and a yard. If you need inspiration try roughly copying this.

Once you have a sufficiently complex track layout we want to also add a level crossing so that we can have a look at how they work with the tower. Place one somewhere along your main line, as shown in the image on the right.

The final thing you'll need on your track is several signals. For this example route we're going to place signals at either end of our main lines, at the entry point to the branch line, and we're going to terminate all of our branch/yard lines with buffers. We're not interested in making things prototypical, we just want something interesting to work with in the tower configuration.

Finally, and most importantly, we'll need to place our interlocking tower asset. You can search for an interlocking tower using the Surveyor search filter, just add a category filter and select the "Interlocking Tower" option. This example route is using <kuid:401543:3220> "Crowcombe-Heathfield Signal Box".

And that's it! We now have a suitable route to learn how to configure an interlocking tower.

Tower Configuration

Path Creation and Editing

Session Rule Configuration

-- Under Construction --

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