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See the [[TRS19]] welcome page for details on the new features to TRS2019.
See the [[TRS19]] welcome page for details on the new features to TRS2019.
=Getting Started=
==Downloading TRS19==
For information and help on downloading the full version of TRS19 click here: [[Help:Downloading]]
==Installing TRS19==
For information and help on installing the full version of TRS19 click here: [[Help:Installation]]
==Installing TANE Content and DLC into TRS19==
All the TANE built-in, Deluxe and Platinum content, as well as your TMR2017 routes and TANE DLC items can all be downloaded in-game. Just log in to TRS19, and download the assets that appear in the Asset Download window.
For more help, please check [[Help:In-game_Downloading|In-game Downloading]].
<div style="background-color: #ddf5eb;border-style: dotted; width:800px; overflow:auto; ">
You cannot install TANE content using Content Manager or manually copying files. You must download the files in-game.
==Installing Locally Modified into TRS19==
All your files downloaded from the Trainz DLS, from 3rd party sites or created by you in Trainz can be imported into TRS19. For guidance with this process, please check [[Help:Importing_Content|Importing Content]].
=Main Help Topics=
=Main Help Topics=

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This will be our main TRS19 help page which will serve as an index for TRS19 specific help and to link to Trainz general help.


Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 Introduction

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (TRS19), is due to be released in Q4 2018, and builds upon the Trainz A New Era (TANE) version released in May 2015 (and regularly updated since then).

The TRS19 Early Access edition is now available from the Trainz Store or from your MyTrainz account.

See the TRS19 welcome page for details on the new features to TRS2019.

Main Help Topics

Select from the main topics below for further assistance.

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Other Trainz Help

In addition to the Trainz Help Wiki that you are on, there are several additional sources available for help with Trainz.

Trainz Searchable KnowledgeBase

If you require help with installation, downloads, account login etc, the please check our KnowledgeBase.

Trainz Support Website

If you have a specific problem that requires personal assistance, please contact Helpdesk through our Support Website.

TRS19 category on the Wiki

You can find many more topics for TRS19 in the [TRS19 Category]. Any page in the TRS19 category, or any other category, on the wiki will have a Categories section at the bottom of the page.

Trainz Forums

The Trainz forums are a discussion forum for all members of the Trainz community to discuss all topics relating to Trainz. The forums can be found [here]

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