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  * [[Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Advanced]]
  * [[Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Advanced]]
[[Category:Help|Surveyor Topology]]
[[Category:Help|Surveyor Tools Topology]]

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The Surveyor topology tab is where you'll find the tools used to reshape the terrain in your world.

To get started click on the topology tab to open and close the pane (top tab, on the right edge of the screen). The three top buttons allow you to activate the tools to raise and lower terrain. The knobs below that alter the area the tool will affect and the sensitivity of the tool. To try it out click on the leftmost top buttons and then click and hold the mouse somewhere in the world. The longer you hold down the mouse the higher the terrain will get.

For more information on the various topology tools see the links below:

* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Up
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Down
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Adjust
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Radius
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Sensitivity
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Get
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Edit
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Use
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Plateau
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Water_Add
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Water_Edit
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Water_Adjust
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Water_Delete
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Section_Extend
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Section_Delete
* Help:Surveyor_Topology_Height_Advanced
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