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Hint 1. 5m Terrain Grid.

Open the Topology tab and open the Advanced tab. R-Click on the Extend button and choose 10m or 5m. Make sure you don't have the button selected at the time so click on another button to deselect. Once you have selected your grid size, click on the Checkmark to close the window. Then click on the baseboard you want to update.

You can change grid size back and forward.

Hint 2. The new assets are labelled 2009. To find them, click on the filter icon (looks like a funnel top left). Type 2009 in the Name field. Note that the Keywords field searches on EXACT matches whilst name will filter on partial matches

Hint 3. This text is editable. Feel free to add things in the appropriate areas. This will probably be disabled prior to release.

Camera controls

Use the mouse scroll-wheel to zoom in/out. The [PgUp] and [PgDown] keys on the keyboard zoom in/out in smaller steps. The cursor (or arrow) keys rotate the camera.

Hold down the [Shift] key while using the PgUp/Down or cursor keys for even finer camera control.

Single-RMB click to move the camera to that location.

Hold the RMB down and move the mouse around to track the camera (release to stop moving). Can be used in combination with the cursor keys to turn-around quickly.

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