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* [[Help:Surveyor Interface Settings]]
* [[Help:Surveyor Interface Settings]]
* [[Help:Surveyor]]
* [[Help:Surveyor]]

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Your view of the 3D world is via the game "camera". The camera is attached to the "compass", and can rotate in any direction around the compass.

  • To move forward (towards the horizon) right-click on the top half of the screen. To continue moving, right-click and hold. The further your mouse is from the center of the screen, the faster you will travel.
  • Use the keyboard arrow keys to rotate/tilt the camera left and right, up and down. Use page up and page down or the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Hold down shift while using any of these keys to rotate/tilt/zoom more slowly.
  • Alternate Method: Holding down Ctrl in combination with the arrow keys will move the camera focus point within the 3D world.
  • You can change the method of camera control and speed/sensitivity in Main Menu > Options > Interface Settings

Surveyor camera.jpg

Tip: Alt-U provides a flying camera and Alt-Y a walking camera view.

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