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The Trainz routes menu displays a list of installed routes allowing you to create, edit and delete them. It also allows you to view, edit, create and delete the sessions for a particular route.



Routes List

The first page of the routes menu will display a list of every installed route. To find out more about a particular route simply click on it in the list to select it. Once it's selected the route description will be displayed below the list, and the route thumbnail will update. From here you can perform a number of actions relating to the selected route, these are each detailed below.


Trainz is more than just a train simulator, it also comes with an advanced route/session creation tool called Surveyor. Surveyor allows you to edit any installed route, or create your own from scratch. To create a new blank route in Surveyor simply click the "Create Route" button. You do not need to have a route selected for this button to become enabled. To edit an already installed route in Surveyor first select the desired route, and then click the "Edit Route" button.

You can also delete routes from within the menu. To delete a route first select it in the list, and then click the "Delete Route" button. A confirmation prompt will be displayed to ensure you do not delete an installed route by mistake. Note that it is not possible to delete built-in routes (i.e, those routes that were pre-installed when you installed the game). Also note that deleting a route will also delete any installed sessions for that route.

Viewing Sessions

There are two ways to access the list of sessions for a particular route. The first is to select the route in the list and then click on the "View Sessions" button in the bottom right of screen. The alternative is to click the small double chevron icon on the far right of the relevant row. Either option will take you to the session list for the particular route.


Some areas of Trainz allow you to easily hide all but your favourite installed content. One such area is on the routes menu. To toggle the list between showing only your favourite routes or showing every route click the star icon above the top left corner of the list view. The star icon will show coloured while the favourites filter is active and grey when it is not.

To toggle the favourite status of a particular route/session locate it in the list, and then click the star icon at the beginning of the row. Note that toggling the favourite status of a route may cause it to be removed from the visible list. Also note that all built-in routes and sessions and any locally created routes and sessions will be favourited by default.



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