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* “S” - stop
* “S” - stop
* "X" - reverse  
* "X" - reverse  
If you use the keyboard to control the throttle, refer to the
position of the rotary dial on the HUD to see your current
throttle setting.

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Easy Mode offers a basic set of controls and a Speed Control Dial which behaves like a model railroad controller.


SpeedControlDial.jpg Speed Control Dial (W/S/X)

This dial controls the movement of the currently selected train and is analogous to a model railroad DCC controller dial. Click LMB and drag it clockwise on the dial to move forward. Dragging the dial so the arrow points upwards will stop the train. Dragging the dial anti-clockwise will move the train in reverse. Clicking LMB on a position of the dial will also move the dial to that location.

Shortcuts (these three nicely line up on keyboard):

  • “W” - forward
  • “S” - stop
  • "X" - reverse

Stop .jpg Stop (S)

To quickly reset the dial and bring the current consist to a halt, Click LMB on the Stop icon.

Decouple .jpg Decouple

To decouple traincars from your train, first click the decouple button. A series of coupler icons will appear where the train can be decoupled. Click on the coupler where you want to make a break in the train.

Rotate the camera view to see the consist lengthwise on the screen. It makes decoupling easier to figure out.

To recouple, approach consist at no more than 3 mph or you will break the coupling.

Lights .jpg Lights (L)

To activate the headlights, click LMB on the Light button. The lights will cycle through off, dim and bright settings.


  • “L” - toggle lights on and off
  • "Shift + L" - toggle lights between dim and bright.

DitchLights .jpg Ditchlights (;)

To activate or deactivate the flasher for the ditchlights, Click LMB on the ditchlights button.


  • “;” - ditchlights

Horn .jpg Horn (H)

To operate the horn or whistle, Click LMB on the Horn button to the right of the throttle control on the HUD. For long blasts of the horn, simply Click LMB + Hold on the Horn button. Some horns may have a set length, and will play for the same duration each time.


  • "H" - Hold down for Horn

Bell .jpg Bell (B)

To activate or deactivate the locomotive bell, Click LMB on the bell button.


  • “B” - Bell

ReverseTrainFacing .jpg Reverse Train Facing (ALT + C)

If your locomotive has two cabs, or two control desks in the same cab, click LMB on the Reverse Train Facing button to change your seat to the other cab.


  • "ALT + C" from Cab Interior View (ONLY) - Change cab seats

Pants .jpg Pantographs (KPend / KP1)

Click LMB on the Pantograph button on the right of the throttle to raise and lower them or press the ‘End’ key on the keypad. If the locomotive has multiple pantographs subsequent key/button presses will raise them individually or together before cycling back to all down.


  • "KPend / KP1"

Sand .jpg Sand (V)

To turn sanders on and off, click LMB on the Sand button.


  • “V” - Sand
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