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The TANE Asset Preview Interface is used to give a quick preview of a single asset from within Trainz Content. To open the interface, right-click on any locally installed asset within Trainz Content and select "Preview Asset".

Camera Controls

The asset preview camera camera is controlled by both the mouse and the keyboard. By default the camera will spin around the displayed object. To stop the spinning either click in the 3D view, or press the 'r' key. The camera can be manually rotated/tilted using mouse drag, and zoomed using the mouse wheel.

The following keyboard controls are also supported:

  • Up arrow :- Tilt camera up
  • Down arrow :- Tilt camera down
  • Left arrow :- Rotate camera left
  • Right arrow :- Rotate camera right
  • W :- Move camera forwards
  • A :- Move camera left
  • S :- Move camera backwards
  • D :- Move camera right
  • Q :- Move camera down
  • E :- Move camera up
  • R :- Toggle camera rotation
  • -, Page Down : - Zoom camera out
  • +, Page Up : - Zoom camera in
  • Home, Spacebar :- Reset camera

Performance Controls & Statistics

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