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The Attached-track container is used by KIND SceneryWithTrack to identify a list of track subcontainers. Each track derives its name from the subcontainer's tag name. These names are used from script. Each track is auto-generated spline track through attachment points located within the default mesh.

  • Attached-tracks update automatically to the spline track connected to it in Surveyor. You may over-ride this auto-update feature by adding useadjoiningtracktype 0 (see below).
  • Correct track end attachment orientation is essential. The Y axis must point ‘out’ at the correct angle. The Z axis must point ‘up’.


Track subcontainer

Each track subcontainer supports the following tags and subcontainers. Each tag is shown here with its default value.

track                   (no default value, this must be track kuid)
useadjoiningtracktype   1
vertices                {}


Type: Kuid
Desc: Kuid of the track or spline to be used.


Type: Boolean
Desc: If true (1) then the track type will change to match that of the first track joined to the object.


Type: Vertices container
Desc: This is a list of attachment points that defines where the track will attach to the mesh, and the path of the track through the mesh. Each entry must have a unique name.

Example Config.txt

Sample config.txt file for an industry asset, with the Standard Tags excluded for brevity:

 kind industry
 attached-track {
   slc-spur {
     vertices {
       0                                   "a.track0a"
       1                                   "a.track0b"
       2                                   "a.track0c"
       3                                   "a.track0d"
       4                                   "a.track0e"
     track                                 <kuid:-25:893>
     useadjoiningtracktype                 1
 attached-trigger {
   unload-trigger {
     att                                   "a.unload-trigger"
     radius                                2.00
     track                                 "slc-spur"
   load-trigger {
     att                                   "a.load-trigger"
     radius                                2.00
     track                                 "slc-spur"
   gate-trigger {
     radius                                10.00
     att                                   "a.gate-trigger"
     track                                 "slc-spur"
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