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The "cameralist" container is a top-level config.txt file entry used by interior assets.

The cameralist is a list of camera views this interior supports. Each entry in the list has the same format. The name of each entry should be in the form 'cameraN' where N is an integer, starting at 0. Tag numbers should be consecutive.

Supported Tags

  camera0                               -1.236,0.173,0.392,0.511,-0.155


For each 'camera' line, there are five decimal values. These are the X, Y and Z coordinates of the camera in metres relative to the 0,0,0 point of the interior mesh, and the Yaw and Pitch in radians[[1]]. The last two parameters are optional - if they are omitted, zero is assumed, which means looking straight ahead. You can find suitable values for these lines by using the '-freeintcam' option in your trainzoptions.txt file - as you move around the cab, the string of five numbers is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

cameralist Example

The following is an example of a cameralist container with a few different camera views in it.

  camera0                               -1.236,0.173,0.392,0.511,-0.155
  camera1                               -1.278,-0.176,0.392,0.511,-0.155
  camera2                               -1.247,0.344,0.52,6.708,-0.403
  camera3                               -0.113,0.965,0.52,6.312,-0.377
  camera4                               1.35,0.15,0.52,5.71,-0.265
  camera5                               1.374,0.208,0.205,6.048,-0.06
  camera6                               -0.754,0.926,1.011,6.636,-0.516
  camera7                               -1.293,0.449,0.459,6.757,-0.342
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