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The Water Effect layer has been introduced primarily for Surveyor 2.0. This functionality is available in TRS19 SP4 but it is not recommended to conver to the new system as functionality is limited.

Water Effect layer in TRS19 SP4

A Water Effect layer is created much the same as Turffx or Clutter layers. There is also an option to update Legacy Water to the new Water Effect.

The old Water tools will continue to work, but you should not mix the two systems on the same route.

Once you have created a Water Effect layer, use the Topology tools in a similar manner to painting TurfFX.

However, rather than "height up/down" to paint "flat" Water Effect you should use the Set Height or Plateau tools.

Choose which type of water effect you wish to use in by changing the Water Asset in the Advanced settings.

TIP: Paint slightly beyond the waters edge (where it meets the ground) so that the water surface is flat to the edge.

Future updates will improve these tools even further allowing for rivers and streams and much more.

Changing Water Color

The old "water color preview" option in Environment tools is used to legacy water colour. The new Water Effect Layer uses the top Sky Preview color option to adjust the water colour.

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