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This is the user page of Frank Bartus, a hardware/software Engineer from the Boston Massachusetts Northern suburbs who has most Trainz versions still running and ever released (in one form or another) on one computer or another. A long time Wikipedian, I've pretty much abandoned donating my leisure time from that project to make a Trainz Widow of the wife of 27 year, mostly creating fantasy railroads. I've an oldest son who is also a Trainzer and has an edge on content creation since he's been into the graphics arts since he turned 14 or so and began building web pages, his current self-employed business.

These days I'm very active in the new Yesterdayz Trainz group, most of whom are master content creators or route builders/session writers like myself. We're focused on route development for currently supported trains as builders, and tutorials familys generation to train up a new generation of Trainzers, from beginning materials to take the edge off the daunting Trainz learning curves to Advanced topics.

I've been actively pursuing writing tutorials for new Trainzers to take the edge off the many learning curves of Trainz and was under the misconception images were not supported here on the Trainz Wiki, which was easy to believe since the staff hasn't even bothered to initialize any of the free public domain MediaWiki reference pages locally, turn on ParserFunctions (which I helped debug and develop years ago in MetaWiki) nor even install a MediaWiki.Common.css and Common.js page so this site can stay current with (HTML5 depreciates many things to .css calls) future browser implementations or the WC3 standards.

At the moment, I've got my work cut out for me initializing this Wiki and continuing to update and reorganize the Wikibook. Since my email/ticket via Zec and customer service has gotten no dialog with N3V management over the ticklish business of international copyrights, the Wikibook will ultimately fail as a vehicle for tutorials and we're going to have to put them here on this site. Everything I'm doing here, is ultimately in aid of that! // FrankB 08:09, 1 July 2013 (EST)

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