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The Trainz Content Creator Program (TCCP) introduces new tools for content creators to create, manage, beta test and submit DLC packs for sale through the Trainz Store (and other partnered stores, such as Steam).


What is the Trainz Content Creator Program

The TCCP provides both a system for packaging new DLC packs (current Trainz Plus or Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 SP2 build required), and then testing, managing, and submitting those DLC packs for release. This allows for these DLC packs to be processed much quicker than previously achievable for Trainz.

How do I access the Trainz Content Creator Program

There are two parts to the TCCP. The first is the project list within Trainz to create/upload DLC packs, the second is the Trainz Content Creator Program website to manage your DLC pack.

TCCP Project List

The TCCP Project List is accessed by clicking on 'developer' at the top of the Trainz launch window, or the Content Manager window.

This will provide a list of all of your TCCP Projects that you have created. You should have 1 'project' listed for each project or content package/DLC package. Any updates to existing DLC packages will be handled via the same project, you do not need to create a new project to create an update.

Create New Project

To create a new project, right click on the list and then click on 'Create New Project'.

You will then be asked to fill in a range of details on that project.


Edit an existing project

To edit an existing project, right click on the project then click on "Edit Project"

TCCP Website

You can access the website by going to [Content Creator Program website].

This website allows you manage your DLC packs, including creating testing Test Plans for beta testers to fill out, and receiving bug reports and other information regarding your DLC pack submission. From this website you will also then be able to submit your DLC pack for release once testing has completed.

To access the TCCP website, you will need to log in with your MyTrainz account's username and password and accept the EULA for TCCP.

Further information about TCCP

Further information about TCCP can be found on the [Content Creator Program website] and then click on 'Documentation'.

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