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This page is a guide for the Trainz Content Creation Program or 'TCCP'

The TCCP allows developers and Trainz users to interact. Users with a valid TRS19 or TRS22 product can use this system. Beta testers can try new upcoming routes and rolling stock for a 2 week beta for free. No need for a membership.

TCCP Beta Testers should look here TCCP Beta Testing

TCCP Content Creators TCCP Content Creation

Under Development The contents and the layout of this page are under development.

Trainz Content Creation Program or TCCP allows you to become a Registered Content Creator with N3V Auran. You will be eligible to upload Content which may be made available for download by Trainz users, and, for Approved Content, to receive a share of revenues for sales relating to your Content.

Beta Testers can use the content for free during the beta test periods. Any Trainz user with a valid license can sign up and take advantage of this.

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