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** Trackside Objects
** Trackside Objects
** Trains
** Trains
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Surveyor is the built-in world editing tool of the Trainz environment. Most versions of Trainz include the Surveyor module - the notable exceptions are the cheaper "driver pack" products. The Route and Session Creation page provides detail on how to build routes and their associated gameplay sessions using Surveyor.

Editable Items

Surveyor allows the manipulation of the following aspects of the game:

  • Routes
    • Ground Height
    • Ground Textures
    • Water
    • Route Layers (see below for layer details)
  • Sessions
    • Environmental Conditions
    • Session Rules
    • Session Layers (see below for layer details)
    • Customised Initial Junction Directions
    • Customised Map Object Properties
  • Per-Layer
    • Map Objects (Scenery, etc.)
    • Scenery Splines
    • Track
    • Trackside Objects
    • Trains

See Also

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