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Multiplayer Surveyor ("MPS") is a pre-release feature of Trainz. It has been discussed publicly in the TrainzDev forums and is summarised on this page, however users should understand that no release schedule has been provided for this feature. All discussions and details are speculative in nature and may not accurately reflect the final form of this feature.

UPDATE: Feb 2020

After 2 years of in-house development we're now ready to begin external testing to invited Community members only. We will be asking for additional testing volunteers "soon".

Broad Overview

At its most basic level, MPS provides a means for multiple users to operate on a single Trainz route simultaneously. Edits made by one user are visible to all other users who are connected to the same MPS session. A powerful permissions system ensures that the route owner can permit users to view or edit selected portions of the route without having unwelcome users causing havoc.

Intended use cases include:

  • allowing a group of users who already know each other to collaborate on a single route, without the difficult and potentially problematic approach of repeatedly splitting and merging the route.
  • allowing users with common interests to work together to create a new route.
  • allowing "club layout" style creation and gameplay.
  • allowing a route builder to offer live previews of their work-in-progress route.

Using MPS

MPS is currently only available to invited Trainz Community members, and only during scheduled testing sessions. It is not currently possible to access MPS outside of these conditions but we will be expanding the group regularly.

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