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Digholes are used to cut a hole in the terrain (i.e. to make it invisible). This is useful for turntables, and also to create tunnels that do not line up exactly with the terrain grid.

Due to the nature of digholes (being somewhat of a workaround to remove terrain from sight), there has been a history of adjustments to terrain affecting objects placed near to digholes. For example, tunnel facades could "collapse" into the dighole thereby "breaking" the tunnel entrance.

In the first Trainz Plus update for 2020, the reliability of digholes has been improved to avoid the unwanted relocation of nearby objects.

Creating a tunnel entry

  • Place a tunnel facade scenery object in the location of your tunnel entrance (e.g. AJS portal type M)
  • Place a dighole object (e.g. AJS dighole) on the terrain behind your tunnel entrance. This will cut a 10m x 10m hole in your terrain
  • Place a "terrain object" (e.g. AJS Terrain) to cover the top of your tunnel
  • Use the Height up/down tool to adjust the height to match your tunnel entry
  • Close off the sides of your tunnel with either a scenery object or spline like AJS Portal Wing Wall, AJS Terrain Spline 20x10 etc.

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