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TANE SP2 introduced a number of script API updates aimed at supporting route streaming and larger routes. While the use of these APIs is not mandatory at the launch of TRS2019, it is expected that we will fast-track the adoption of these APIs.

Script authors should begin to familiarize themselves with these APIs and should begin to update their content to utilize these APIs. The changes are more likely to affect Rules and Libraries rather than individual traincars or scenery assets, but creators can check the script compiler output for warnings regarding obsolete API usage.

Route and session creators should begin to review the content (especially rules and script libraries) that they are using to ensure that it is compatible with the new APIs. While update these assets is likely to require substantial trainzscript knowledge, non-scripters should begin the process of determining which creators are updating their content, and consider whether they need to move toward excluding certain items from their routes/sessions.

As with the "compatibility mode" from TS2010, options will be provided for users and creators to test their existing content for compatibility with the new APIs well in advance of the APIs becoming mandatory.

See the Asynchronous Route Streaming page for further information.

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