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These instructions are [hopefully] temporary until a proper installer is prepared. Meanwhile, this page will assist beta testers to check that everything is working as expected.

  • Download the latest installation package (currently ts12sp1, v1.4.1.9).
  • Install the package to an empty folder somewhere that you can remember e.g. on your desktop. Be sure to create a subfolder specially for the installation, and give it a useful name like "RailDriver TANE". Do not install the package to your TANE install folder!
  • Plug in your Raildriver to your computer
  • On completion, the calibration tool should run automatically and show the RailDriver Calibration tool.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and the calibration tool will create/update a small calibration file in the RailDriver installation, which you'll need to copy to your TANE install. Locate the file here:
   <your Raildriver install folder created above>/controllers/modern.rdm
  • Locate your TANE installation folder, the default install location is:
   C:/Program Files/N3V Games/TANE/
  • In the TANE install folder there will be a "TrainzHID" subfolder for the RailDriver data. If this folder does not exist then your install does not support RailDriver and you must download the latest TANE patch (SP3). The subfolder path is:
   i.e. The full default folder path is:
   C:/Program Files/N3V Games/TANE/resources/TrainzHID/
  • Copy the calibration file (modern.rdm) to this subfolder, replacing the existing modern.rdm file.
  • Start TANE and open the "Trainz Settings" from the launcher (the first visible window). Check if the "Enable controller support" setting is on. If it is not, turn it on now.
  • Close the settings window and click "Start Trainz" then your RailDriver device will ready for use in TANE.
  • Simply open up your favourite route, and enjoy. Note that DCC/Simple and Cab/Realistic still have different control modes, even on your RailDriver device.

Configuring other Keys

  • Start Trainz and once the menu has loaded click the "Main menu" in the top left of screen, and select "Settings...".
  • Select the "Control Settings" tab on the left. If you wish to use the default settings you may use the "Reset Control Settings" link to configure them and reset the default controls. This will wipe any custom controls you may have set. If you do not wish to use the defaults, or do not want to lose your other custom settings, then you will have to configure the controls manually.
  • To manually configure a control simply locate the control in question (e.g. "RailDriver throttle"), click in the empty box next to "Primary", and move the control on your RailDriver device. Analog controls need just be moved up/down slightly, you do not need to move the control through it's entire range and there is no benefit to doing so. Button/switch controls need only be pressed/changed, similar to configuring a keyboard control. If the configuration is successful you should see the name of the control in the box you clicked. If you do not, consult the troublshooting guide.

See TRS19 Control Settings for further information on configuring the key bindings/control settings.


  • Note that the TS12 configuration program creates the modern.rdm file in a folder called /controllers. There is another folder /controller that can be ignored.
  • Also note that the file is copied into TrainzHID (so no need to create a folder /controllers in your TANE installation.

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