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Welcome! Try getting better at making Trainz Routes!

Click on this tab to open and close the Tabbed pane. In that pane there are tools to assist you.

Note: To do this, you will need: MP-Track Wood, MP-Track Concrete, Shelby Depot, and of course a signal.

Go to Surveyor and select Create New. Then, Name it or leave it like it is. When You See A Large Square, Click On The Button With The Track On It. There You Will Find A Huge Box With Tracks In It. Then Type In MP-Track Wood And Place It On The Square Wherever You Want It. Then Look For MP-Track Concrete And Make A Junction For MP-Track Wood.

Next, Click On The Button With The House, And Type In Shelby Depot, And Place On The Square. If Shelby Depot Is Near Track, Go Back To The Button With The Track And Click The Move Track Button. Then Move The Track To The Track Beside Shelby Depot.

Now Back To The Track. Click On The Button In The Middle. That's Where You Will Find The Signals. Click On The Middle Of The Track And It Should Appear. Now.....


Logan S.

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