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The Railyard menu choice displays ONLY ONE railcar or locomotive at a time in the shed. Think of this as a 3D picture book of your rolling stock (asset database). There are NO game controls here.

Click on the pull-over icon to see a list of all installed rolling stock, locomotives, coaches, etc. Click on any listed item to show it in the 3D view.

Icons appear that let you sound the horn, activate the lights, and raise/lower the pantographs where appropriate for the asset.


Main Menu - Returns to Main Menu

Rotate left/right - Adjust the camera viewpoint

Zoom in/out - Adjust the camera zoom

Favorites - Toggles the list favorites filter

Info/List - Toggles between the train list and selected train information

Horn - Sounds the train horn, if horn icon appears

Lights - Activates the trains lights, if light icon appears

Pantographs - Raises and lowers folding arm units on the roof of an electric locomotive that moves a contact bar up to touch the overhead power lines.

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