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Congratulations! You are now using Trainz In-Game Help Mode!

Help about HELP Button!

Though it feels somewhat redundant, you probably clicked on the upper right (?) icon in Trainz, and then you hovered over the very same icon again with the hand pointer symbol and clicked.

You are on your way to discovering much more about how to use Trainz.

Help mode1.jpg

When you select the (?) icon, then choose "Get help on..." your cursor will appear as either an arrow with a (?) or as a hand pointer symbol.

  • Prior to TS12-SP1, just click on the (?) to get your cursor.
  • Move your mouse around the page, and hold the cursor over a game menu or button (or even some objects if the creator has provided a link).
    • When the cursor shows as an arrow and (?), then there is NO HELP available for that area.
    • When the cursor shows as a hand pointer, you can click to display a wiki Help page about that aspect of Trainz. The name of the help page appears in the UPPER RIGHT menu box.


Once you have a wiki page open, you can navigate through the wiki pages using links in the (usually blue) linked text or at the bottom of the page.

Press the Esc key to exit from HELP mode.

Click again on the (?) icon, select "View Trainz Help" then search for related topics.

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