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This page provides links to various core areas of Trainz Online help.

The Trainz Online help site is a MediaWiki site and accepts informational articles from all Trainz users. This means that the site is always being updated. If you would like to contribute your own information by adding to the wiki, please see the official MediaWiki documentation Help:Contents page.

Trainz Help Pages

Help is available on the following major categories:

  • Help:Launcher - Start the Game, open Content Manager or read the Manual.
  • Main Screen - Choose which aspect of Trainz you want to explore
  • Help:Surveyor - Create or Edit Routes and Sessions
  • Help:Driver - Driver or Operate Trains on your own tracks or routes from around the world.
  • Help:Content Manager - Download, sort and edit all the assets that can be used in Trainz

In-Game Help Mode

Get in-game help using the (?) icon on the upper right of the top menubar.

Move the cursor around the screen. Wherever a hand-pointer symbol appears, there is a supporting wiki page link. Since this is a volunteer effort, Trainz users add more help to these wiki pages as time permits.

See Also

HowToGuides - Learn how to use various Trainz tools, create your own objects, and much more.

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