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Click on the Paint Tab (F2) to open the Paint Menu. You will see a number of default textures, grouped by region. Use the slider button to scroll through the list. Click on one of the textures or write its name on the text box, and you will see a copy of it appear in the small current texture window. Click on the terrain and use your mouse as a paintbrush to paint on the texture.



Direction.jpg Direction Tool

Move the Direction Tool in the directon you wish the texture map to be put down on the baseboard.

Scale.jpg Scale tool

Click on the Scale Tool and move to either side to change the amount of space the texture will cover. Right to enlarge (“+”), left to minimize (“-”).

Texture get.jpg Get texture

Click on the Get Texture (G) tool then Click on a texture already painted onto your terrain. The current texture windows will show the newly selected texture.

Radius.jpg Radius Dial

The Radius Dial (“+” or “-”) changes the area of influence of your cursor circle.

Grid fill.jpg Fill Grid

The Fill Grid (L) will fill all unpainted areas of an entire baseboard with one texture. This is useful for finishing off an area where fine texturing is not required.

Area select.jpg Select Area

Click on Select Area (B). Click and drag the mouse to make a large square as shown below. The size of the square (or rectangle) determines the area that will be affected by the next operation.

Area fill.jpg Fill Area

Click on a texture in the favorites box and use the Fill Area (F) tool to texture the whole rectangle. If you do not select an area first, Clicking on Fill Area (F) and Surveyor will fill all areas on which there are no textures with the selected texture.

Area cancel.jpg Cancel Selection

Click on Cancel Selection (D) to cancel the selected area.

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